I am a physicist with a broad interest in trajectories. From molecules crawling on a surface, to sheep flocking in a field, trajectories contain substantial information about an object (or subject) and its environment. By using image processing techniques, statistical analysis, and modelling inspired from physics, I aim to elucidate the intrinsic and extrinsic forces that shape trajectories.

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My research projects have spanned various length-scales and encompassed many systems, from single molecules to DNA, colloids, to soft materials, and now animal swarms and flocks. See my Research page for more!


I consider teaching and science communication as fundamental aspects of a scientist’s responsibilities. In graduate school I was a TA for 6 years, and I have striven to developed innovative ways to introduce physical concepts. See my Teaching page for more!


I have a general interest for the natural world, which I explore on the ground as a trail and mountain runner.

About Me

I am a French explorer of both ideas and places. I grew up in Paris, where I pursued my education up to college at the Ecole Polytechnique (X2007). In 2010, I moved to the US to attend graduate school at Yale University. I received my PhD in 2017, and then continued westwards to work as a postdoc at the University of Colorado Boulder.

At Yale, I discovered soft matter physics under the supervision of Eric Dufresne (now at ETH Zurich). We studied interactions between soft and hard materials, notably by analyzing the motion of small beads bound to lipid vesicles or put in contact with a gel .

At CU Boulder, I first went down the length-scale to look into the dynamics of single molecules on surfaces with Dan Schwartz. And then I went up a few orders of magnitude, as I now study collective behavior and swarming in animals such as sheep, fireflies, or bees in Orit Peleg’s lab.

In New Haven, I started running trails through New England forests. In Boulder, I run up and down the Rockies, and often venture into the deserts and canyons of the American West. Most of all, I love to create my own trajectories on the surface of the Earth.

Alma Mater

Victor Duruy
Lycée Louis le Grand
CU Boulder


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