2020/02/20 — paper accepted
Our latest submission with the Schwartz group was just accepted in JACS. We looked at trajectories of small tracers in water within in a porous material made of cavities connected by small channels, and found that they were much faster at jumping from cavity to cavity when salt is added to the solution. That’s because at the microscopic scale electrostatic forces become relatively strong, and repulsion between the walls of the cavities and the tracers makes it harder to access the channels. Adding salt reduces electrostatic interactions because free ions “screen” the E-field.
Find our paper here.

2020/02/04 — rejection!
My proposal to study insect (mass-)mating swarms for a Postdoc Fellowship institution was not accepted. Oh well. It’s a really fascinating project which I will pursue anyways!

2020/01/10 — an amazing website

This photographer creates persistent displays of bird flights, a project he calls Ornitographies. Beyond the beauty of this artwork, it reveals many fascinating aspect of bird flocks, for example wingbeats and collective turning. This work aesthetically complements some of the scientific studies on bird flocks, for example this one by the Ouellette lab.

2020/01/02 — paper accepted
Our new paper on molecular diffusion in water nanofilms was just accepted in ACS Nano. This paper was first submitted in a different journal over 15 months ago, and although most reviews we received were positive, there has been many revisions and clarifications requested. The peer-review process can be harsh.
Find our paper here, or its arXiv version here.

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