I believe teaching and outreach are essential aspects of being a scientist.
In graduate school, I was a Teaching Assistant for different courses in physics and engineering. I have put a lot of thinking and effort into finding compelling examples, visuals, or demonstrations to properly convey complicated principles. On this page, I am sharing some experiences and teaching materials. [in progress]

The Fourier Transform is a powerful mathematical tool which can help solving many problems. But the interpretation of what it is seem often confusing. Here I propose a more intuitive explanation in terms of projection of a function onto a different base (than the real axis).
Feel free to read and use (but if you do, please inform and credit me).

Digital Education Innovation Grant
In 2017, I received a Digital Education grant from Yale. The project aimed to implement virtual navigation of Connecticut trails (similar to Google Street View, but for trails), for use at the School of Forestry and by people with limited mobility.

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